Car Accident Settlement

The best way to get more money from your car accident settlement is to start your compensation claim the right way. Avoiding simple mistakes can end up wasting your time and costing you a lot of money.

Here are the steps you should follow when starting your car accident claims against another driver’s insurance:

Get name of the person who you are speaking with.

Write down the name/position of the person who you are talking to. This is the person assigned to your claim. You will be talking to them a lot. Get their name and claim number so that you can call back and check up on your claim.

Watch out for blame questions

If you read Befor You Talk About Your Car Accident Insurance Claim
you know you need to be very careful what you say at the beginning or your claims.

In the beginning, the blame for the car accident has not been decided yet. That will be decided once the insurance company gets more information from the police report, witnesses, pictures, tickets etc.

The insurance company will ask you questions that will try to pin the blame on you. Watch out for these questions.

If they ask you “How could you have avoided the accident?” Say “I could not because your driver hit me.”

Whether you could have avoided the accident is irrelevant at this point. If the accident was your fault, the evidence will point to it.

Don’t assume you’re already responsible and reduce your chances of getting more money. Listen carefully to how they are asking the questions.

Be polite and calm.

When you talk with the insurance company, you may not be in the best mood. Maybe you are suffering from an injury, furious with the driver who crashed into you, or you’re simply irritated by the insurance company’s repetitive and lengthy questions.

Remain calm. If you anger the wrong person, your claims file will go to the bottom of the pile and it will delay any compensation.

Be respectful and stay cool. Remember these are the people who have to pay your car accident settlement. Answer their questions politely to get your car accident claims started.

Focus on the other driver.

When you tell the insurance company about the accident, emphasize how the other driver was involved.

Don’t say: “I was in a car crash with your insurer.” Rephrase your words to direct attention on the other driver. Say things like:

“Your insurer crashed into me.”
“Your insurer hit my car from the back.”
“Your insurer crossed the red light and wrecked my car.”

This helps you avoid blame for the accident.

I am NOT telling you to lie. If you do lie, the evidence will clearly point it out, so don’t even try it.

If you start your car accident settlement the right way, you increase your chances of getting more money from your insurance claims.

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