DUI Arrests

Do you know what happens after your DUI arrests? Do you understand the consequences of drunk driving or how much it is going to cost you?


After your drunk driving arrest, the first question you will have is “What happens now ? ”

Getting through a DUI is an incredibly long and draining process. You will have to deal with many legal and administrative procedures.

To get a better understanding of each step you will have to take after your arrest, read

DUI Consequences : What Happens After a Drunk Driving Arrest


Being arrested for drunk driving can be really expensive. You will have to pay for legal fines, filing costs, license reinstatement, administrative hearings etc.

To understand all the costs you may have to pay after your arrest

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Car Insurance

One of the biggest costs of your drunk driving arrest is that your car insurance rates will significantly increase.

Your car insurance may be dropped and you will have to purchase another from another provider. Getting your car insurance after a drunk driving conviction is different than getting regular car insurance. You have to fill out specific forms and may have to go to specific providers.

To better understand this process

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Recovering after Your Arrest

The first thing people want to do after this whole process is to get there life back. Having a DUI on your record is going to hurt your chances of getting a better job and at the same time cost you a lot of of money.

Recovering from this low point in your life is a long process but it can be done. Since one of the biggest consequences of drunk driving is your increased costs, you should begin by trying to save money on your car insurance:

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The next step is to try to clear your drunk driving criminal record. Clearing your record can erase your mistake and help you move on.

DUI Criminal Record: 2 ways to Clear Your Drunk Driving Arrest

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