The goal of my website is to help people after their car accidents. Specifically, I want to help people with their car accident insurance claims and personal injury settlements. I decided to build this site because I became very frustrated with how the insurance companies operate and treat people after an accident.

My Story

I started this website after two key incidents in my life.

Brother’s Accident

auto crash

This is a picture of my younger brother’s car accident from a few years ago. He crashed into the side of another car while driving at 60 mph. As you can tell from the impact, our car was totaled. Fortunately, both my brother and the other driver survived and were uninjured.


My brother was really in shock after his accident. He was 19 at the time and really didn’t know what he should next. If you have ever been in a car accident, then you know how much your mind and heart are racing after a car crash. My brother was worried about dealing with the police, talking with the insurance companies, paying for all the damages etc. He was afraid, so he did what I would have done. He called my dad.

Dad to the Rescue

My dad had worked as a licensed insurance agent in New York for over 10 years and is now a defensive driving instructor. He constantly gave people advice on how to avoid accidents and what to do after your crash.

This was great for my brother and our family. My dad made it so much easier for us to deal with the aftermath of the accident. My dad understood what needed to be done, what information we needed to gather, who we needed to talk to, how to get money from the insurance companies etc. This helped us move on with our lives much quicker.

Without my dad’s experience, we would have been completely clueless and would have been panicking about what would happen next. At that point, I started thinking about creating an informational website where other people could benefit from his knowledge.

Frustrated with Insurance Companies

Not too long after my brother’s accident, one of my dad’s friends was injured in a car accident. Despite the other driver being at fault for her crash, she was denied getting money for her injuries from the insurance company.

When I asked my dad why she was denied, since the accident wasn’t her fault, he told me “because she had told the insurance company she was feeling fine after her accident. If she would have not said anything and talked with the doctor first, she would have gotten money for her injuries.”

This really angered me because it just didn’t seem fair. The accident wasn’t her fault, yet she still had to pay thousands of dollars for her injuries. The insurance company should have paid that money but didn’t because of a simple mistake. I realized I and most people would have made the same mistake.

Started Researching

I decided to research this topic more thoroughly. I started talking with my friends and relatives who were in car crashes, discussing with my dad and his colleagues about what people needed to do after their car accidents.

The more I talked with people, the more I realized most people really didn’t know what to do after their car accidents. Especially young drivers like my brother and me. A simple mistake could end up costing people thousands of dollars.

I couldn’t find a website that contained all the information people needed to know to avoid making these mistakes, so I created this site. I decided that this really shouldn’t be privileged knowledge.

The insurance industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. People pay thousands of dollars every year for their car insurance. You shouldn’t need a law degree to understand the basic rules on how to get money from an insurance company. If people are in a car accident, they should know exactly how they can get money for their car damages and injuries.

I hope you find this site helpful in helping you get the money you deserve and returning to your normal lives.


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