What is the Average Pain and Suffering Settlement Amount for Car Accidents?

Do you know how much your Average pain and suffering Settlement might be worth? Do you know how you can increase the amount of your car accident settlement and get the compensation you deserve?

In order to help you answer these questions, we’ve broken down the all main things you need to know into 3 sections:

1. How is the Value of My Pain and Suffering Settlement Determined?

By far the biggest question most accident victims have is “How much is my accident claim worth?

Although each person’s exact injury settlement amount varies case by case, there IS a claim settlement process that can help you figure out what YOUR claim might be worth.

Below we’ve isolated the major parts of this process so you can understand exactly how the insurance companies calculate your injury settlement amounts:

Calculating Your Personal Injury Settlement Process:

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2. What is the Average Personal Injury Settlement for “X” Injury ?

The type of personal injury you suffer plays an important part in determining the amount for your pain and suffering.

To help you better understand how much your claim might be worth, we’ve included examples of some common personal injuries and how they are evaluated:


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Neck Injuries

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Other Injuries

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3. What are Some Examples of Large Pain and Suffering Settlement Amounts?

To further help you quantify how much your injuries are worth, we have included some real world accident settlements that people have received for various forms of injuries.

The average settlement amount for these cases is well above 6 figures. Reading these will further help you gauge just exactly how much your specific pain and suffering could potentially be worth.

$2.16 Million Personal Injury Settlement for Head Injury
$441,063 Accident Claim for Red Light Crash
$374,000 Personal Injury Claim for Leg and Hip Injury

Bottom Line

Figuring just exactly how much you pain and suffering is worth will depend on many factors. However, once you understand the basic injury claim evaluation process, you will be in a MUCH better position to not only negotiate your accident claims but also win the big settlement you deserve.

If you have more specific questions, you can use our free settlement estimate to get immediate help.

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