Auto Accident Settlement

To get the highest auto accident settlement after a collision, you will need to understand a few fundamentals in how car accident claims work.

In this section, we will help you understand:

  • The key actions you need to take after your car accident
  • Which steps you should take to maximize your insurance claim
  • Overview of the accident claims process with major insurance providers
  • Which mistakes you should avoid when dealing with the insurance companies

We’ve broken down these topics into the following sections:

Who is At Fault after a Car Accident?
Understanding Most Common Car Accident Scenarios
What Steps to Take at the Car Accident Scene
Car Accident Insurance Claims Process 
How to Protect Yourself from the Insurance Companies

Who is at Fault After a Car Accident?

One of the first questions an insurance company is going to ask after a car accident is “ Who was at fault?” Figuring out the answer to this question plays a critical role in determining how much your auto accident settlement is worth.

You can suffer serious personal injuries and may legitimately be in severe pain and sufferingbut if you’re at fault, (or your unable to show the other party was primarily responsible) chances are your final settlement amount will be significantly lower.

To help you more clearly understand on determining fault in an accident read:

The 4 Elements of Negligence : What are They and How They Help Your Car Accident Claims

You can then also read our guide on 10 Ways to Win Your Car Accident Claim

Once you understand the basic of determining fault you might want to know…


Most Common Car Accident Scenarios

Although each accident is unique, when it comes to the question of “who is at fault?”, there are some common elements for each type of accident.

Below we’ve identified the most frequent types of car accidents and which steps you should take after. You can read the one that applies to your specific situation:

T-Bone Accident: What is it And Who is at Fault? 
Rear End Collision: Who is at Fault? 
Minor Car Accident : Here’s What to Do After A Fender Bender 
Parking Lot Accidents : Who is at Fault? 
Leaving the Scene of Car Accident : What are the Consequences and Penalties? 
What Happens in Car Accidents Without Insurance ? 
I Was At Fault Accident, Now What Should I Do? 
Motorcycle Car Accident Victims 
Multi Car Accidents 
Leased Car Accident 
How to Fight Unsafe Lane Change Ticket 

What to Do At The Car Accident Scene

The best way to get money from your auto accident settlement is to make your insurance claims start the right way. The first step is gathering important information from the crash scene scene.

Most people don’t understand how important it is to pay attention at the auto crash scene. The reason for this is because you don’t know how your actions now, will affect your settlement months later.

Do you think that just because the collision wasn’t your fault, everything will be taken care of ? That the insurance companies will gladly pay you for all your damages? Wrong.

It is up to you to make sure you get money from your auto settlement. There are several things you can do that will help increase you claims.

Car Accident Scene – Which Steps Help Me Increase My Settlement? 
Learn which information you need to gather at the scene, that can increase compensation for your auto damages, personal injuries and medical bills.

Having witnesses at your crash scene can help corroborate your version of how the collision happened. This is useful because the less blame you get for the crash, the more money you can get from your auto accident settlement.

Learn How To Use Witnesses to Increase Your Car Accident Compensation.

Having good notes and pictures of crash scene can be incredibly useful. Every bit of info you can gather at the scene of your crash, can help when you’re negotiating your auto accident settlement with the insurance companies.

Here are 3 Simple Ways To Get More Money From Your Car Accident Claim

Finally, if police arrived at your crash scene, then they filed a n accident report. Having a police report can be extremely useful because it contains important information you can use to increase your settlement.

Learn How Car Accident Reports Increase Your Auto Insurance Settlements

You should also take a look at this sample car accident report to see how useful a traffic report can be.

Car Accident Insurance Claims Process

You can read about the claims process for specific insurance companies:

Geico Auto Accident Claims Process
Dealing with Insurance Adjusters
How to File a Bodily Injury Claim
Winning Burden of Proof in Civil Case

How to Protect Yourself From the Insurance Companies

Getting the most money from your auto insurance settlements is not an easy task. This is because people make a lot of mistakes when they start their settlements.

For example, a lot of people share way too much about their injuries and auto damages, when they call the insurance companies. You think you are protecting yourself by being open and cooperative with the insurance company. In reality you are just hurting your chances of getting a fair settlement amount.

Simple mistakes then end up significantly lowering your auto insurance settlement without you even realizing it.

Learn how to Avoid Common Mistakes When Starting Your Car Accident Settlements

The best way to get more money from your auto insurance claims is to start your settlement the right way.

Learn How to Start Your Car Accident Settlement the Right Way

When you are talking with the insurance companies, it helps if you are prepared to answer their questions. This helps you stay focused on what is the most relevant information you need to have with you.

Learn Car Accident Compensation Claim : Which Questions Will You Need to Answer?

But you should be be careful when you speak with the insurance companies. At the beginning of your settlement, the insurance company will ask you several questions designed to lower you claim.

Learn how to spot these Questions Designed to Lower Your Car Accident Insurance Claim

Bottom Line

The main things you should focus on when starting your auto accident settlement, is to be alert at the car accident scene and watch how you speak with the insurance companies.

After you have informed the insurance companies of your collision, you can then focus on organizing all the information you have collected from your auto crash.

Following these basic guidelines can really increase the amount of money you get from your car accident claims.

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