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Before You Start Auto Settlements

When you are start your car accident insurance claim, you need to be careful how you speak with the insurance company you are filing against.

These questions are not just to start your car accident settlements. They are also designed to irritate you, get you to reveal prior injuries, and take blame for any damages.

If you suggest ANY fault, you will get more blame for the auto crash. More blame equals less money from your car accident settlements.

This happened to my sister when she called another driver’s insurance company to file a claim herself. The claims department was really rude and cleverly tried to get her to admit the accident was her fault. I really could not believe how they were trying to just blame my sister.

The insurance companies will ask questions like:

    • How could you have avoided the auto crash?
    • How much do you think you are responsible, 20%, 30%, 50%?
    • Do you think the weather (snow, rain, wind, or fog) affected you?
    • Did you have any previous personal injuries like back or neck pains before the car wreck?
    • Can we get access to your medical records and name and address of the doctor who is treating you?
    • Were there any witnesses, if so what are their names and addresses

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The intent behind the questions is really subtle. Each question is already assuming you are responsible for the auto crash. They are also trying to collect personal and medical information that you don’t need to give at this point.

As I wrote in Car Accident Claim :What You Should NOT do When Starting Your Settlements , you don’t need to answer any of these questions right now. This information is purely for their own benefit and can only hurt your car accident settlement.

Bottom Line:

The insurance companies want to give you more blame, get it on record, and then use it against you to give you less money. So make sure you are cautions when you call to file your car accident insurance claim. Remember not to answer their questions carelessly.
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