So How Long Does it Take to Get a Settlement Check After a Car Accident?

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, then you know how stressful it can be. You’re dealing with the aftermath of the crash, but legal obligations also need to be addressed. Many drivers don’t realize how long it takes after an accident for them to get their settlement check from insurance companies. In this blog post, we will discuss how long it takes to get a settlement check after a car crash and how fast you can get one.

How long does it take to get a settlement check after you settle?

Many drivers think that it takes just days or even hours to get their settlement check after an accident, but this is usually not the case. Many people don’t realize how long it takes when they’re in a hurry to get their settlement check as soon as possible, but it’s best to take your time and not rush into how quickly you can receive a settlement.

Depending on how quickly you and the insurance company settle on a figure, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. But, usually, the whole process from receiving a settlement check after the release is signed and the insurer agrees to pay takes about 6 weeks. 

However, the time that it takes before you receive a check after settlement may differ from one state to another. For example, after a car accident, there is no timeline for how quickly an individual must receive their complete settlement payout in California. If they wait more than 20 days to pay out on average, they can file a lawsuit against them.

In New York, on the other hand, how fast someone gets their settlement check is determined by how badly they were injured. If you suffered “serious” injuries in an accident, it could take up to 120 days after your case has been resolved to receive a settlement payout.

What factors determine how long it takes to get a settlement check after a car accident?

Many different factors determine how long it takes to receive your settlement check after a car accident. If you’ve been injured in an accident, make sure that you know how quickly someone can get their final settlement payout. Some of the factors include:

  • Security of the injury

This is one of the most important things when determining how long it takes to get your settlement check after an accident. If someone has suffered serious injuries in a car crash, it can take up to 120 days for them or their lawyer to receive how much they are owed.

  • Medical treatment duration 

The sooner the insurance company knows about how badly injured you are, the sooner they will be required to pay how much you are owed.

  • Time is taken by the other party’s insurance company to settle

The more steps that need to be taken between your lawyer and how fast someone gets their final settlement payout can determine how long it takes. If there is a lot of back and forth, then the process could take even longer. 

  • Time is taken by your lawyer to review the amount of compensation owed

The time that it takes to receive a settlement check will also depend on how quickly your lawyer needs to review how much you are owed. If it takes too long for how fast someone gets their final settlement payout, then they can file a lawsuit against the insurance company.

  • State Laws

It is important to understand how many people are filing claims as well as how fast someone gets their final settlement payout in your state after an accident. In most cases, if the amount you are owed as compensation is large, it can take longer for people to get their payout in your state.

  • Time is taken by your judge to review the settlement amount

If there is a lot of back and forth between how quickly someone gets their final settlement payout and how much they are owed, the case on getting their payout will have to go to court. This increases the time taken to receive the settlement payout after an accident. 

  • Time required by the attorney to fill all the necessary paperwork

The other factor determining how quickly you can get your final settlement payout is when your lawyer needs to file all the necessary paperwork. However, this will significantly depend on the amount that you are owed. 

  • Presence of an insurance company contest

If they feel that the amount being claimed as the final settlement payout is not how much they should receive, then there could be a long and drawn-out legal battle. However, this can be minimized by submitting all the relevant medical records and asking your lawyer to provide all the necessary paperwork. 

What happens after you sign a settlement release

Many drivers sign a settlement release after their accident to end the claim with an insurance company. This document states that you will be receiving monetary compensation from your insurer and how much they owe you for damages, injuries, etc. Once both parties sign this, it should not take long before you receive a check in the mail.

However, if the driver does not sign a settlement release after an accident, insurance companies must conduct their own investigation. This can take much longer because they need to figure out how severe your injuries were and how much you should be compensated before paying out any money.

If there is no agreement on how much payment is owed, your claim could be brought to court. This means that you will not receive a settlement check as quickly as the other driver did if they signed their release document.

What are the various steps in the personal injury settlement process?

After an accident, several steps need to be taken before the person who was in the car crash gets their injury settlement. The first step is getting medical treatment for any injuries sustained from the crash. Then, a police report needs to be filed, and an investigation into how the accident happened will take place.

Insurance companies also need time to investigate what happened before they can start paying for any medical expenses or property damage that was caused by your car wreck. 

In some cases where you’ve been injured from negligence on the part of another driver, you will need to file a personal injury claim. The insurance company might also issue you an initial settlement offer, which is how long does it take after a car accident for the other driver’s insurance provider to start paying for your medical expenses and property damage caused by their negligence.

If you have been injured in a car crash due to another person’s negligence, you will need to go through the personal injury settlement process. This includes understanding how long it takes after a car accident for your injuries to be compensated by insurance companies and how fast you can get one.

Everyone wants their case settled as quickly as possible, but sometimes this isn’t how it always happens when demanding compensation for damages after a car crash. Some insurance companies try to wait out for your injuries to heal so they can pay less. 

However, if the insurance provider is slow about getting out your settlement check or how quickly they process your personal injury claim, talk with an experienced legal professional. Consulting an experienced attorney specializing in personal injury settlement claims after a car crash can help you determine how quickly you can get your settlement check.

A personal injury lawyer specializing in how long it takes after a car crash for damages like this will know the right steps that need to be taken and how quickly they should happen. This will enable you to gauge how long it takes to get a settlement check after an accident and ensure the matter is resolved as quickly as possible.

As we mentioned above, the issue of how long it takes to settle car crash claims vary from case to case and how much time insurance companies need before they start paying you a settlement check after an accident. If you’re dealing with how fast you can get your claim and how long it takes to receive a settlement check, then speak with a personal injury attorney specializing in how quickly insurance companies payout on claims from car accidents.

Do settlement checks come in the mail?

In the past, settlement checks were mailed to drivers. However, this was before email, and online banking took over how we do business. Nowadays, it’s common for insurance companies to issue an electronic transfer of funds directly into a driver’s checking account or credit card.

How long do settlement negotiations take?

Settlement negotiations vary from claim to claim. It can take a few months or even more than a year, depending on how long you and the other party need for an agreement.

How much should I expect from my car accident settlement?

One of the most common questions that people ask after how long does it take to get a settlement check is how much they should expect. How much you can expect from your car crash settlement will depend on how serious the injuries are as well as how long it takes for those injuries to heal.

Every accident, every policy, and practically everything about your case will be different. Therefore, it is difficult for an attorney or insurance company to provide you with an estimate on how much car crash settlements are worth in your state.

The best way to get an idea of how much you can expect is by calling a local car accident attorney and asking them what they think the case might be worth based on your situation. Many attorneys will provide their clients with an estimation before taking them on as a client to avoid surprises later.

How much is a typical pain and suffering settlement?

Unfortunately, there is no right answer to this question, but most lawyers sue for 3 to 5 times the amount the victim incurs in terms of medical bills or loss of work. If your case goes to trial, then there won’t be any money awarded for “pain and suffering” because that would create an incentive for juries to award large amounts of money for minor injuries. 

Therefore, the amount that you’ll collect will depend on how much the jury awards your case and how much insurance coverage is available to pay out damages. This could be anywhere from $0 – hundreds of thousands depending on how the case goes. 

We recommend that you look into hiring an attorney. Even if your case isn’t very serious or it doesn’t seem like there’s enough money to make filing claims worth it, having an experienced lawyer fighting for your rights will give you peace of mind and increase your chances for a successful outcome.

How long after settlement do you get paid?

It can depend on how fast the insurance company settles. The average time for an auto accident is around 90 days, but some cases are resolved much more quickly than that. 

It depends on how your insurance company and the other driver’s insurance company want to handle things. Besides, it also depends on how fast you can provide all of the necessary paperwork, how quickly they process everything once you’ve done so, and how much effort both parties want to put into the claims process.

How long does it take to receive compensation after accepting an offer?

A few steps go into how long it will take to receive a settlement check after accepting an offer. First, you need to sign the release of the liability document and then file it with your personal injury attorney’s office. 

Once they have received the signed release from you, they can begin negotiating how much money will be sent to you. After they have come up with how much the settlement check will be, then your attorney’s office will send over all of the legal paperwork that needs to be signed before releasing it to you or into your bank account.

Consequently, you can receive compensation for the damages within 14 to 28 days after accepting the settlement offer. The time that it takes may, however, depend on some factors mentioned above. 

Can a settlement check be directly deposited?

Yes, some insurance companies will allow you to get your settlement check directly deposited into your bank account. This is typically how most people do it because they don’t want the hassle of making sure they cash their check before it expires (which can vary). If you choose this option, make sure that the bank details are correct and up-to-date with your insurance company.

Is there a deadline for getting my settlement check?

Yes, if you want to ensure that you get your money on time and without any issues, then we recommend cashing or depositing the check within 21 days of it being issued to you by the insurer. It is very important not to cash or deposit the check after this time period because your bank might not honor it, and you’ll be stuck with a voided transaction.

How long till I get my settlement check after I agree?

This is a good question because how long it takes before you get your settlement check will depend on how fast the insurance company processes all of their paperwork. On average, most people receive their checks from bodily injury within 30 days after agreeing to terms with an insurance adjuster. 

Therefore, if you reach an agreement for $20,000 but your settlement check is only $18,000 (the insurance company takes their cut), then you’ll likely get the remainder in 30 days. If it’s been over a month and no one has contacted you with how much your settlement was for or when to expect it, then contact your insurer directly and ask them how long they normally take to send out checks.

How is a settlement check received?

The most common way that a settlement check is received is through regular mail. The insurance company will send you the check, and then you can cash it how you want as long as there are no restrictions from them. 

In some cases, drivers may be able to receive their checks directly deposited into their bank account, or they might need to pick up a check-in person. If you are not sure how your settlement check will be received, it is best to ask the insurance company directly so that there aren’t any delays when you collect on your claim.

What Happens if My Settlement Gets Seriously Delayed? 

If your settlement gets seriously delayed in getting to you, then there are steps that may be taken. The first thing would be asking the insurance company for an exact date of when your money is going to be arriving. If they cannot provide you with that information, it may be feasible for you or your lawyer to contact the insurance company’s third-party administrator, who is usually responsible for processing settlement funds.

If the delay continues and there is still no estimated arrival time, then contacting your state representative can help expedite this process. The sooner that your settlement check gets to you, the better. You can contact an attorney if your insurance company continues to delay or deny paying out funds after a certain period of time has passed. There are also other options available such as how fast you can get a settlement check.

As for how long it takes to get a settlement check after a car crash, it all depends on how fast the insurance company processes claims and how long their appeals process takes. The average amount of time that you will have to wait is around 30-60 days after an accident has occurred, depending on how much information there is about how your case was handled (if any).

Another thing to note if you’re wondering how fast you can get a settlement check is that this process usually takes longer if there isn’t enough information on how your accident occurred and how the damage was caused. If more evidence for how your case came about, it may help speed up this process so you can receive compensation as soon as possible.

If an appeal has been filed, this process may take longer than the usual time to get a settlement check after a car crash. Usually, they have 30 days to respond with how they handle your appeal, which can help expedite the overall time of how fast you will receive payment. If no action is taken on your appeal or the insurance company doesn’t respond within the stipulated time, the appeal is usually granted.

If none of these options help you, or if your insurance company continues denying how fast you can get a settlement check, then contacting an attorney may be something that helps move things along in this process. This will enable you to receive settlement funds as quickly as possible after a car crash.


In conclusion, it is not uncommon for drivers involved in an accident to wonder how long it will take before they get their settlement check. This can depend heavily on how the accident was handled and how much damage was done, but there are some steps that you can take to speed up the process of getting your settlement check. For example, if you were able to keep a copy of all your documentation related to the accident, this may help expedite things when it comes time for you to request compensation or payout for your claims.


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