Car Accident Compensation Claim

Whic Questions Auto Insurance Companies Will Ask You

Filing a car accident compensation claim can help you save a lot of money. Filing a claim can help you pay for car repair, medical bills, personal injury lawyers. It can also help you if you are being sued by another driver. To start your auto insurance settlements, you will need to call your and/or another driver’s auto insurance company and answer several questions.

Here are the questions the insurance companies will ask when starting your car accident compensation claim:

  • Are you alright?
  • What is your insurance policy number?
  • Were you in your own vehicle?
  • Who was driving? If you weren’t driving, what is the name and driver’s license number of the person who was driving? ( This is to see if the person who was driving is covered under your insurance)
  • Description of how the accident happened.
  • How many vehicles were involved?
  • Were there any physical damages to your vehicle, personal injuries, or deaths?
  • If you are at the scene when calling, they will ask if your vehicle is drivable.
  • If you’re not at the scene of the crash, they will ask if your car was towed. If your vehicle was towed, they will ask where it was towed and the name of the towing company.
  • Were there any witnesses?( Read Using Witnesses To Increase Your Compensation )
  • Do you have the other driver’s insurance information?
  • Did police arrive at the scene?

Once you answer these questions, the insurance company will give you a car accident claim number. Write down this number so that you can call back and follow up on your car accident settlements.

Once you have contacted your auto insurance companies and have answered their questions, your auto accident claim has started.(Read
Be Careful What You Tell Insurance Companies and Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Your Settlements )

Next, you will need to gather evidence which supports your car accident compensation claim. In order to get the most money from you settlement you will need to find witnesses to the car crash, collect pictures and notes of the auto accident , get a copy of the police report , get a medical report for any injuries, get estimate of your car damages.

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