Car Accident Reports

If the police arrived after your car wreck, they most likely filled out car accident reports. This traffic accident report contains important information that can increase your auto accident claims.

What’s written in the Traffic Accident Report?

The police report contains the following information:

  • Name, addresses, and phone number of any witnesses
  • Information about the other driver (Driver’s license No., Insurance company, Auto Insurance Policy Number)
  • Vehicle Information : Make, Year, Model and VIN numbers
  • Car damages and personal injuries
  • Citations and traffic violations ex: speeding, drunk driving
  • Weather conditions and road characteristics
  • A description of how the incident happened by the officer
  • A diagram of how the collision happened

You will easily be able to read most of the information in the traffic accident report. Read this sample car accident report.

How to Use the Police Reports

When you read the police reports, you are looking for information that supports your story of how the collision happened. The more blame you can put on the other driver, the more money you can get from your insurance settlements.

Here is what you should focus on:

How to Get the Police Reports

The police report will be completed 3 or 4 days after your car accident. To get a copy of the traffic accident report, you will need to go down to the precinct of the officers who wrote the report. This is why you should always get the names, precinct phone number and badge numbers of the officers who show up at the car accident scene.

Call the precinct, tell them your name, and ask them if you can pick up a copy of your police reports. Make sure you call first because sometimes there are specific hours when the police reports can be given out.

Bottom Line:

Getting the information in the car accident reports, helps make your car accident claim stronger.

If you were not at fault, the police reports are another piece of evidence in your favor. The more evidence you have that you were not at fault for the auto crash, the more money you can get from your claim.

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