Car Accident Scene

At the car accident scene, there are several things you can do to increase your auto insurance claims. This can help you pay for your car damages, personal injuries, medical bills and miscellaneous related expenses.

The way to get more money is to minimize how much blame you get for the auto crash. The less blame you get, the more money you can get from your auto insurance claims. Avoiding blame also protects you from having any legal action being taken towards you.

So how do you avoid blame and get more money?

To do this, you need to gather evidence at the car accident scene that shows the auto crash was the other driver’s fault. Even if you are partly to blame, you need to show that most of the blame is on the other driver.

Here is what you should do at the car accident scene:

Remain Calm

This is simple but really important. You just had a car accident and your adrenaline is high. Getting angry and shouting at the other driver is really not going to fix your car or make you appear less responsible for the crash.
Don’t argue with the other driver. The damage is done. Focus on what needs to be done next.

Check for Personal Injuries

Take a quick look to see if anyone is seriously injured. If you can help someone, get out of your car and assist them.
Don’t risk being sued for being negligent at the car accident scene.

Call the Police

Dial 911 and tell them you were involved in an accident. Let them know where the accident happened and if you need an ambulance.

Get Other Driver’s Information

To get compensated for your damages, you will need to get the other driver’s information.

Write down the following information:

  • Name and Driver’s License Number
  • Vehicle License Plate Number
  • Name of Car Insurance Company and Insurance Policy NumberCheck the insurance policy to make sure it isn’t expired.

If the name on the insurance policy is different than the driver, get the insurance policy holder’s name and contact information.

You will use this information to contact the other driver’s car insurance company and start a car accident claim.

Take Pictures and Notes

Use your cell phone or digital camera to take lots of pictures of the accident scene. Make quick notes about how the accident happened.

You need to take this information so that you can explain how the accident happened to the police and the insurance companies.
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Find Witnesses

Finding people who saw the car wreck happen can corroborate your story. Ask the people at the auto accident scene if they saw who was at fault and where the other driver was coming from. If they are willing to help you, write down their names and contact information.
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What happens when the police arrive at the car accident scene?

When the police arrive, they will take you and other driver aside to ask questions about the collision.
They will collect information about your insurance company, vehicle, road conditions and get statements from any witnesses at the scene.(Read Sampe Car Accident Report

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