Statistics on Teenage Car Accidents

Recent statistics on teenage car accidents and fatal crashes for teen drivers are staggering. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety ( gathers tons of information about the causes of teen car accidents and the number of teen deaths every year.

The statistics on car accidents involving teenagers are truly terrifying.

What are the Facts about Teenage Car Accidents?

  • Teen car accidents are the leading cause of teen deaths in America.
  • Over 68,000 teenage drivers have died in auto accidents the past 10 years.
  • Almost 4,000 teen drivers died in vehicle crashes in 2008.
  • Teenagers were 10% of the US population in 2008 and were 11% of fatal auto crashes.

In fact, automobile accident statistics show that auto crashes cause cause more teen deaths than both suicide and homicide combined.
statistics on teenage car accidents
Thirty-three percent of the deaths were because of bad car accidents.

So who is more at risk according to the automobile accident statistics? Male or female drivers?

Statistics On Male and Female Teenage Drivers

If you look at teenagers car accident statistics from the last 30 years, you’ll see that male drivers get in more fatal crashes than female drivers.

statistics on teenage car accidents male vs female

Fatal auto crashes have decreased among male teenage drivers (59 percent) and among female teenage drivers (38 percent) over the last 30 years.

Still, almost 2 out of every 3 teenage drivers killed in an auto crash in 2008 were males.

When Do Most Teenage Car Accidents Happen?

In 2008, automobile accident statistics show August had the highest number of teen deaths.

statistics on teenage car accidents by months

55% of fatal teen car accidents occurred on Friday, Saturday or Sunday in 2008.

statistics on teenage car accidents deaths by week

22% of fatal teen auto crashes occurred between 9 pm and midnight in 2008.

statistics on teenage car accidents deaths by time of day

Bottom Line:

Clearly, the statistics on teenage auto accidents show how dangerous reckless teen driving can be. Once you know the vehicle accident statistics you should learn why your teen drivers get in bad accidents.

Then you can focus on how you can prevent teen car accidents and understand how you can actually motivate your teenage drivers to be safe.

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