Personal Injury Settlements Pain and Suffering
Car Accident with 3 Herniated disc, Torn Ligaments, Partially Torn Ligaments in Right Ankle, and Knee Damage

by Kim Banks
(Dallas, Tx)

I was in a car accident and I was T-boned. I sustained 3 partially torn ligaments of the ankle, three herniated disc, requiring steroid injections, and a sprained knee. I have been in therapy for about 18 months. My car was totaled. The other party was issued a ticket and accepted total responsibility.

I am seeking some answers to a personal injury settlement amount. My medical bills so far are 15000.

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Car Accident with 3 Herniated disc, Torn Ligaments, Partially Torn Ligaments in Right Ankle, and Knee Damage

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Jun 18, 2011
Good luck
by: mat

Hey Kim,
Thanks for keeping me posted. I hope things go well with you and you get the settlement you deserve. I hope you are recovering well form your injuries as well. Please post back as you get more information. Best of luck.

Jun 11, 2011
by: Kim

Ok... still going through therapy. Did seek legal counsel. The insurance company is now trying to settle for $53,000, but the attorney refused the settlement. Not entirely done with therapy. Still having dull pain in lower back and and knee. Legal rep states that the insurance company is seeking past 5 years prior medical records. I do not have any. Never been ill before. Never had any prior injuries. Medical bills are about $32,000. It was the total fault of the other party. Under the age of 18 on parents insurance. I'm sure that will affect the settlement. Thanks for your tips and advice. Will keep posting the results. Now have a TENS unit at home for the pain.

May 01, 2011
by: gpgoldbach

Important to get some med attention on the discs. If there's more to it, if discs are torn and leaking, then nerve impingement could follow, and surgery then becomes an option.
Best to you.
My wife is going through the disc repair this year as we were in an auto accident last Aug. Greg

Feb 01, 2011
Personal Injury Settlements Advice
by: mat

Hey Kim,
I'm really sorry to hear about your car accident injuries. Hopefully you can recover soon.

Since I am NOT a lawyer please don't take the following as any legal advice.

You should first start by using the personal injury settlements calculator and entering your medical expenses. Since your injuries are very serious and painful, I would suggest using a very high multiplier ( between 5 -10) to get a first estimate.

This will give you a rough idea. Now, whether you get that amount from the insurance company is different. When cases involve serious injuries like yours, you should definitely get a personal injury lawyer. I know people are hesitant to meet with injury lawyers because they are expensive. However, for your situation, I think you will need a legal expert.

If money is really tight, you can see how much money you get from the insurance companies you can get without a lawyer. If you are unsatisfied with the settlement, you can always bring a lawyer in later. You can then negotiate with the lawyer to get a commission only on any additional money they can get.

Hope you get better. Please keep us posted of your recovery and personal injury settlements case. Best of luck.

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