DUI Test

A DUI test (also known as the Field Sobriety Test) is designed to determine whether or not you have been drinking. The tests are given when an officer pulls you over for suspicion of drunk driving or at DUI checkpoints . The purpose of the test is to see if your motor skills and coordination have been impaired.

The DUI test has 5 different parts. The first one is..

1. Nystagamus

This is designed to see the movement of your eyes. The officer will ask you to follow the horizontal movement of a finger or a pencil six inches away from your eye. The officer wants to see if your eyes are able to smoothly follow and track the object.

If your eyes waver or tremble during this test, you will fail.

2. Stand on One Leg

This is designed to check your balance. The officer will ask you to lift one leg in the air approximately six inches and begin counting aloud by thousands ( “one thousand one, one thousand two etc”). The officer will ask you to stay this way for about 30 seconds. In the meantime they will be looking for signs of impairment such as :

  • Hopping to keep your balance
  • Swaying back and forth
  • Moving your arms to keep balance
  • Putting your foot down

3. Walk and Turn

In this the officers will ask you to walk a certain distance in straight line using a heel-to-toe type manner. The officers will look to see if you:

  • Began walking early
  • Stopped to regain your balance
  • Swayed while walking
  • Used your arms for balance

4. Finger to Nose

For this part the officers will ask you to:

  • Keep your feet together
  • Tilt your head back
  • Close your eyes
  • Stretch your arms by your side

The officers will then ask you to use your index finger to touch the tip of your nose with one hand. Then they will ask you to repeat this with the other hand. During that time the officers will look to see if:

  • You missed your nose
  • Your arms were shaking or trembling
  • You lost your balance

5. Counting and Reciting the Alphabet

The officers will ask you to count forwards or backwards usually by ones or threes. They will also you to recite the alphabet. Sometimes they ask you to recite the alphabet backwards as well. Although this test is not the most accurate way to determine if you are drunk, the officers are looking for the following signs during this test:

  • Did you skip letters or numbers?
  • Did you lose your concentration?
  • Did you slur any of the numbers or letters?

Did I Pass the DUI test?

The DUI tests are completely subjective and the officers at the scene will determine how successfully you completed the tasks.

If the officers decide that you were unable to pass the sobriety test, more than likely you will be arrested. At that point they will take you to the precinct to administer a more scientific test using your blood, breath, or urine. Using this the officers will be able to determine your exact blood alcohol level.

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