Demand Letter Template

Save Time and Increase Your Personal Injury Settlements

Having a demand letter template can help you save time with your personal injury settlements. By having a strong blueprint to follow, you can increase the amount of your auto accident claims. Below, I have created a template that shows which areas you should focus on when writing a demand letter.

Demand Letter Template

Your Name
Home Address
Date of Demand Letter

(Name of Insurance claims adjuster)
Claims Adjuster
(Name of Insurance Company)
(Address of Insurance Company)

Re: Your Insured, (Name of Insured)

Claim No: _____
Claimant: (Your name)
Date of Loss : (Date of Accident)

Dear (name of claims adjuster),

(The first part of your demand letter will focus on showing why the other driver was at fault.)

Restate the facts of the accident

  1. When was the accident?
  2. What you were doing right before the accident?
  3. How did the accident happen?
  4. Describe how the collision affected your vehicle. Was your car pushed onto the sidewalk? Did your vehicle crash into anything else as a result?

Showing Liability

  1. State how did the other driver cause your accident? Was he/she speeding? Did the other driver break any traffic laws?
  1. Mention the evidence you have collected against the other driver. For example, car accident report, pictures of the accident scene, witnesses etc.

Describe Your Injuries and Treatment

  1. How did your body move after your car was hit? Did your body thrust forward? Did your neck snap back and forth?
  2. What did your injuries feel like, before you sought treatment? Were you sore? Did you have a sharp pain?
  3. What specific treatment did you get? List X-Rays, lab fees, cast for broken limbs, pain medication etc.
  4. How did the injuries impact your daily life? Were you unable to sleep? Was it difficult for you to do things you normally enjoy? (ex: running, swimming, playing basketball.)
  5. Did the injuries affect your social life? Were you embarrassed because of a visible scar? Were you unable to attend a meaningful event like a wedding or graduation?

Loss of Income

  1. Did your injuries cause you to miss time at work? How much time?
  2. Did you miss a potential business opportunity? (ex: missing a job interview, meeting with future clients.)

List Your Medical bills

Here are the medical expenses for my treatment that are shown on my medical billing records:

  • Emergency Room: $___
  • X-Rays: $___
  • Prescription Medicine: $___
  • Physical Therapy: $___
  • Total: $___

Amount of Lost Income

  1. Write down the amount of income you lost.
  2. Explain how you calculated this amount based on your hourly rate.

Asking For Your Settlement

  1. Restate you strongest points against the other driver.
  2. Reiterate your pain and suffering.
  3. Ask for a settlement that is 80 -100% higher than what you would expect using the personal injury calculator.

I hope to hear from you soon.

(Your Name)


Helpful Hints

When you are writing a demand letter, the words you use to describe your injuries and car crash, can help increase your personal injury settlements.

For example, saying I felt a “shooting pain” is more powerful than simply saying I was “not feeling well.

Here are some other words you can use to describe your pain with the demand letter template:


Use these descriptive words when you are following the demand letter template. This will make your injuries sound more dramatic and serious. The more serious your injuries appear, the more money you can get from personal injury settlements.

Remember to not over use the descriptive words. Use these descriptive words sparingly and where they are appropriate. Otherwise, your injuries will not sound genuine.

You should also make sure that you use the words that accurately describe your injuries. DO NOT try to exaggerate your pain simply to gain a higher settlement. This will backfire on you. So it’s best just to stay honest about your personal injuries.

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