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Do you know that the amount of cash you get from an auto accident injury claims can be lowered depending on the type treatment you get?

If you have used the personal injury settlements calculator to calculate your auto accident injury claims, you know that your medical bills will be multiplied by a “pain and suffering” multiplier. This multiplier can be lowered for several reasons. The first reason is…

Too Much Diagnosis

When you are injured, it is natural you would have to take several diagnostic tests. After all, how else will the doctor know which treatment to prescribe you?

However, your personal injury compensation claims will be lowered, if the insurance claims adjuster sees that most of your medical bills are just from diagnostic tests. If you took 10 diagnoses and the treatment took only one procedure, the claims adjuster will be skeptical about your injuries.

As a result, when you are settling your personal injury claims, the insurance company will not consider those extra procedures as “actual” medical expenses. This will lower the amount you can get from your auto accident settlement using the personal injury calculator.

The next thing you should watch out for is…

Help by Non M.D’s

Insurance adjuster’s don’t consider treatments like physical therapy as essential as getting medical treatment from a doctor. They also think that physical therapist tend to prolong the amount of your treatment so that they can increase the amount of your medical bills.

If you need to get physical therapy, make sure it is recommended by your doctor. This is important because if you decide to visit a physical therapist on your own, the insurance adjuster will take their examination less seriously.

If you want to get compensated, make sure your medical records show why this treatment was recommended and how your doctor monitored your progress during the treatment.

Finally you should note your…

Length of Recovery

The length of time of your treatment shows the seriousness of your injuries. For example, if you were injured in an auto accident, but the very next day you went back to work, do you think the insurance company will see you as being injured?

This reduces your personal injury settlement amount because it makes the impression that you really weren’t in that much pain and suffering. Which means your medical expenses will get multiplied by a smaller number to give you a smaller auto accident settlement.

Compare this scenario with someone who was stuck in a wheel chair for 6 weeks. Since this person’s injuries took a long time to heal, the will get a higher amount from his or her auto accident injury claims.

Bottom Line:

When you file auto accident injury claims, the insurance company is supposed to pay for all your medical expenses. However, your medical bills may not be covered depending on who diagnosed you, the amount of treatment you received and the length of your recovery.

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