Writing a Demand Letter for Back Pain

by farideh
(aliso viejo, ca, us)

I was in a rear ended in a car accident in September 2010. As a result of the hard hit, my Lexus SUV got pushed forward on the freeway.

The driver behind me didn't pay attention to the traffic slowing down. I have the police report that states the other driver was 100% at fault.

As a result of this accident, I have a lot of sharp pain in my back and buttocks. I also have a headache. I was on my way to work and I missed going to work that day because of pain and headache. I visited a chiropractician a few days later and went under some x-ray and ultrsound and treatment for pain for about 2 months ( 12 sessions).

My total medical bill came up to be $ 2534.00 which was paid by my insurance (I have medical coverage in my car insurance).
This procces was pretty time consuming and inconvinient for me due the type of job that i have (I teach ultrasound in private college).

I need to know what do I write in my demand letter and how much compensation should I ask for my pain and suffering.

I appreciate your advise.


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Jul 13, 2013
Help for justice
by: Jonathan

I was on my way home form work when a blue ford pick-up truck slammed into me on the passenger side , the driver didn't slow down or stop to check on me
Immediatly I followed him drove pass him flagged him down to stop he was still moving so I parked in front of him he was still trying too move I call 911 operator gave his vehicle lincense number to the operator, on arrival of CHP they told me the driver have insurance and has everything that if I want to exchanged with him or go ahead and make a report.
I wanted too exchange with him but on a second thought it could have been someone else in a weak condition and could not have chase him to track him down, I told CHP that I want to make a report so people like him next time will learn from their lesson.
when I called to check the status of my case the claim adjuster told me that the report came through that they said I was wrong, that I was traveling on the ramp.

My dispute to their judgement is this there was no ramp close to the accident and the driver didn't stop at the time of the accident thinking my car was goin over the freeway border, also there was a couple of adult in his truck whom the CHP collected report from of which they will never accept their driver was wrong... What should I do in this case ?

Mar 03, 2011
Writing Your Demand Letter
by: mat

Hey Farideh,
Sorry to hear about your car accident. Hope you feel better. Before I begin I want to tell you that I am not a lawyer. So this is in no way legal advice. Here is what I would suggest.

The point of the demand letter is to begin negotiating with the insurance companies. In order to negotiate, you need to present lots of evidence and facts about your car accident, your medical conditions, your lost income etc.

I outlined this entire process in the demand letter section of my site. Please read through that carefully.

I have provided a basic outline that you should follow in the writing a demand letter template page. That should give you the structure of how to write your letter.

As far as how much to ask, that is always the toughest part. Use the personal injury settlements calculator to get a ball park figure. You can also read through the personal injuries settlement amounts to understand which injuries pay the most.

I know you probably want a straight answer of how much to ask but honestly that is really difficult to say. I don't want to give you a random amount without knowing the details.

The point of my site is to help people become educated so they can understand what goes into determining the final figure. No one will know the level of details about your accident as much as you. That is why it is important to take the time to educate yourself.

Use the information on the site, and then choose a settlement you would be happy with. Understand all that goes into with determining that value. If the insurance companies don't agree, you can always hire a personal injury lawyer down the line.

I hope that helps you. Please keep us updated on how your settlement goes. Best of luck

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