Whiplash, mid back and lower back strain

by Dafne
(Georgia USA)

I was tboned by a lady pulling out of a school. Spun my car around and totaled my car. I felt the pain in my neck and back within an hour or two. That was 4 months ago, and I am still in pain and can not return to normal activity without pain and discomfort.

I completed 8 weeks of chiropractic treatment and still average a visit once every couple of weeks just so I can function. But the pain will not go away. I am concerned that I may never be the way I was before the accident. I was very active and busy before.

I also still suffer from vertigo and pretty bad headaches. My attorney is tellng me to settle for the $7000 her insurance offered, but that barely covers the Dr bills so far! I am not sure what I should do now!

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Jun 02, 2012
In your best interest
by: Anonymous

I would definitely get a second oponion and it seems as though your lawayer is not looking at what is in your best interest but what he can put in his pocket quickly. I would not settle for that small amount. you should make an appointment with your primary doctor and see if HE /SHE will reccomend further testing and evaluations.oNCE YOU SETTLE IT IS A DONE DEAL REGARDLESS OF YOUR PAIN.

Nov 22, 2011
settlement offer i feel is too low
by: Anonymous

I agree w/ the one who said get a 2nd opinion on a lawyer and wait..4 MONTHS IS TOO SOON (feel lawyer is trying to make a quick buck). The quoted number is insult as you may incur employment losses too. Over time and years the pain gets worse.

I have serious WAD 3 whiplash with chronic myofascial pain disorder and am now looking to settle. In Canada when you have soft tissue injury at the 6th year post accident soft tissue injury meets threshold for legal permanent impairement or injury. Then you can settle for BIG bucks. Check if your State as any similar law...think long term. BEST OF LUCK!

Aug 11, 2011
Dont go to a chiropractor after an accident!
by: Anonymous

You would have done better not getting an attorney who takes one third of your settlement money. Did he at least get the chiropractor bills reduced? Honestly, you made a big mistake going to the chiropractor... All that cracking and popping and spinal "adjustments" often aggrivates the injuries following an accident... Which they hide by numbing the area with hot packs and electric stimulation.

May 19, 2011
by: Anonymous

Get another opinion from another lawyer. if it barely covers medical cost, that is not a good settlement offer. I had a similar accident and received much more. I would also wait at least a year to settle. It sounds as if you are still not healed. You must be healed before you talk about a settlement. it is frustrating not to get the bills paid, but usually your own insurance will cover the bill and then go after the other company. If you sue your insurance company get their money first if they paid your bills.

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