what is mental stress and anxiety worth

by david
(slidell,la, us)

I was traveling home after work going 40mph in mid size sedan. Lady driving SUV pulled out at an intersection and t boned me on passenger side throwing me into on coming traffic into another truck who struck rear driver side. I have neck, back and leg pains. But. My car now totaled have no vehicle to get to work. I use my car for work so a ride there doesn't cut it.

I have 3 daughters. I haven't been able to sleep like normal. My brains frantic on how I will survive now. Just financed a house. Can't do another car and can't pay bills...and the car was supposed rare edition to commemorate 20yrs.. Hard to find replacement. Lots on my plate. Ran great no engine problems.... Its easter weekend and I gotta find ride for my kids... Ahh so stressed.

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