underinsured motorists accident claim

I was hit by a car whose driver ran a stop sign. It totaled my car which the other driver's insurance company settled with me >$11,000.
The accident was 4 months ago and I just had ankle surgery from injury I suffered in the accident. I also had a broken rib due to the accident. I missed 8 days of work, had to use a knee scooter for 1 month and I was still having issues with my ankle (I fell about 3 times and with 1 of those falls from ankle instability I tore my meniscus so am scheduled for surgery to fix this now).

I do not know how much insurance the other driver has but his insurance agent told me that I need to file a claim with my insurance company under my underinsured motorists because the other driver does not have enough coverage to cover everything. My health insurance is paying my medical bills right now. But they are going to try to recover the money from his insurance.

Where will the money come from if I file a claim for pain and suffering if I use up the other drivers insurance and worst case scenario - use up my underinsured limits?

Thank you

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