torn ligament in foot

by patrice Talley
(easley sc usa)

On my way to take a friends child to school. i was going 45 down the road when a card pulled out in front of me and i had no other choice but to hit it. i hit the car ended up in a yard where i hit a tree. all i felt was my foot! i was in so much pain i couldn't do anything but cry the whole ride to the hospital. I found out i have torn ligaments in my foot. i cant put any pressure on my foot.

I have to lay down with my foot elevated almost all career dream i feel like is in jeopardy. i ply basketball everyday and was in the process of going back to school in January with a full scholarship to play basketball.but knowing that i tore my ligament it will be harder for me to prepare for the journey that i had planned ahead of me.

I'm not used to not being mobile. and not being able to play basketball is depressing! the person that pulled out in front of me said he didn't see me coming or else he wouldn't have went.

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