Teenager in school with mild concussion, whiplash, and nausia

My teenage daughter was in a car accident. Her friend's mother was driving and it was the other person's fault.

The driver of the truck that hit them has a CDL and was driving a company truck. My daughter suffered a mild concussion, whiplash, and other normal soreness in her abdomen and neck.

She has had to miss four days of school already and has not been able to stay at school all day. She has missed a lot of assignments, tests, quizzes, and lessons.

She is struggling to get caught up because she cannot do more than about 15 minutes of mental work with out getting a headache.

She has had to take advil and tylenol 24/7 for that last week and has spent a lot of time sleeping. She is overwhelmed with work and having a hard time making it up.

She loves to read books and hasn't been able to enjoy that either. She also plays the violin and has not been able to listen to the music in orchestra without getting a headache.

She attends a college prep school that we pay monthly for and she is a sophmore.

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