tboned twice. car got mangled.

by derek
(lancaster pa)

Someone ran a stop sign, tboned me into the other lane of traffic, then immediately a box truck tboned my drivers door going 40mph. Face broke in 2 places. Diaphragm torn at impact. 4 fractures in my pelvis, one broken rib. I now have a scar on my stomach that had like 70 staples, scar from a tube that had to be put in my lung, and 4 scars on my face. Lost feeling in my left face. I got messed up good and now my lawyer is telling me that I won't receive much money? My passenger got messed up good.

Fractured pelvis, broken ribs, n two massive scars on her face. To me this is a multi million dollar settlement case but its sounding like I'll only get $5000 because the person that hit me has the bare minimum coverage. We're in Pennsylvania.

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