Tailbone contussion possible fracture.

I suffered my personal injuries when I was hit by a car while walking across the street on my 15 minute break. Workers compensation has approved my claim, but the insurance company of the person that hit me has also admitted fault and agreed to cover all of my damages plus pain and suffering.

I've been off work for severals weeks because I can hardly walk and I can't sit due to the issues with my tailbone. They believe I may have some issues with my lumbar spine (disk or herniations) so I need an MRI. What is my best angle with this? Who do I go after?

I still haven't been released to return to work due to lower back pain, limited mobility and I have to go to physical therapy. I walk like I've had a stroke with a terrible limp. I'm 33 and my inability to be mobile is starting to depress me. Help me please!

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