strained neck strained back stiff neck and contusions to the knee


I was driving and was at a complete stop to make a left turn into my work. I was at a complete stop because there was existing traffic going the other way and they had the right away.
The other driver rear ended me. My neck/back/shoulders are in severe pain. My neice is also very brusied up.
I went to the ER and was diagnosed with stiff neck, neck strain, and contusions to the knee. They gave me flexeril, ibuprofen rapid release, and vicoden.

My car is in the shop and the estimate as of now is almost $8000 and they havent even torn it down yet! I have a rental car, through the other parties insurance, however they are telling me since my insurance doesnt transfer over for a rental, I am obligated to pay $21.99 a day!!
My car is going to take at least 1 month to repair!

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