Slip and Fall Accident Injuries
Severely Cut Finger, Torn Tendon and Artery.

by Chris

This was left hand before surgery <br><i>Slip and Fall Accident Injuries-01</i>

This was left hand before surgery
Slip and Fall Accident Injuries-01

This was left hand before surgery <br><i>Slip and Fall Accident Injuries-01</i> Also before surgery<br><i>Slip and Fall Accident Injuries-02</i> This was my left hand after the second surgery ( I can no longer bend the middle finger )<br><i>Slip and Fall Accident Injuries-03</i> Also after first surgery<br><i>Slip and Fall Accident Injuries-04</i>

I had my slip and fall accident in a major retail store where I severely cut my left middle finger. After my injuries, I needed two surgeries to repair the torn tendon and artery.

Accident and Injuries

I was shopping an a major retail store and fell due to a pile of clothes on the floor, which I did not see due to the fact they were located just behind me on the floor. I fell dropping a picture frame and another item I had in my hands. When I fell I put my hands out to brace my fall, which is a natural instinct. I was on Aspirin daily for Migraines.

When I fell my hand landed on the glass that had broken from the picture frame cutting 3 of my fingers my 3rd, 4th, and 5th digits on my left hand. The middle finger ( 3rd digit ) was the worse. I had to ask 3 times for EMS to be called and finally the store manager did as requested.

I was taken to one hospital where I was evaluated and told I would need surgery but it would have to be done at a later time. I was sutured up and told to follow up in the morning with the surgeon. However, I had to see a more specialized surgeon at another hospital where I was evaluated again and given a surgery date. I was in surgery for 2.5 hours to repair the tendon.

Pain and Suffering

I was discharged home and had to return to the ER again because of the pain. I was told the damage to the tendon was so extensive that I needed another surgery because the tendon was in such a state that it could not hold the sutures. I had another surgery within 10 hours after the first.

I was on medical leave for a very long time and lost my job because I went over the allotted time for medical leave. I work in the medical field as an EMT and a phlebotomist so my hands are my lively hood, even if my left hand is not my dominate hand. It took me almost 6 months to find another job.

Because of the injury and not working it caused great hardship to me and my partner which ended up in us divorcing. Due to financial issues, I was forced to move into my sister and brother in laws home. I fell behind on all my bills. I am about to lose my car, and my family can no longer provide the assistance to help me stay afloat. I have been increasingly more depressed because I am not able to return to what I would consider normal.

I also used to play piano, viola, trumpet, and french horn. I can no longer do those because my middle finger does not bend at all it just sits there sticking up straight in the air. It has now started to contract and is getting more in the way of my current employment ( have to take extra time to complete my work, taking into account of the disability ). I have been trying to catch up on my bills and other obligations but each month it seems as if I am just falling deeper and deeper in the hole.

The retailer attempted to make a settlement that did not even cover 1/4 of my medical bills. So find a good lawyer, and don't get bullied.

I lost my ability to play music, which I loved with a deep passion. I lost my love because financial issues were to much for them to carry and my depression was overwhelming for them. I am about to lose my car and my living situation. I lost a part of my skills as an EMT and phlebotomist. I had to drop out of Nursing school and now owe money to the school as well. I was forced to sell items that were very personal to me just to get money to survive. I did get some legal funding loans, but they said they can no longer help.

My advise be aggressive about you injury and don't back down. Do not let anyone try to manipulate what you accounts of the event were. And DON'T TALK TO ANYONE UNTIL YOU HAVE LEGAL ADVISE FIRST.

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Severely Cut Finger, Torn Tendon and Artery.

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Dec 05, 2011
Reply to Mat
by: Chris

Currently I do have legal representation and their "offer" was rejected. I am not sure they truly understand what this has done to my life. I just hope it reaches a resolution before 2050 :-) . you know how the retails insurance companies can be.

Dec 05, 2011
Feel better
by: mat

Hey Chris,
I am so sorry to hear about your injuries. I can't even begin to imagine what you must be going through. I am also sorry to hear that retailer offered you a small settlement. Were you able to build a good case or were they just not willing to negotiate your claim?

Thanks for sharing your advice. You are right. When it comes to injury settlements, we all should be more vigilant and not get bullied around. Otherwise it can come back to hurt us. Are you still fighting your case or is it settled?

I sincerely hope you get better. Best of luck.

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