Should I use personal injury attorney

by Lorrie
(Sacramento, Ca)

If I were to go through a personal injury attorney to do the claims settlement, does it take longer? How much do they usually take from the settlement?

Answer by Guy Parrinello

Hello Lorrie. I’m not licensed in California, but I can give you a general answer. Assuming you are talking about an injury claim, in New York State, most injury attorneys take cases on a contingency fee basis.

That means the lawyer will only get paid if and when your case is completed and you have been granted some sort of money award either by a court, settlement or otherwise.

Lawyers usually take 1/3 of the total settlement, but each lawyer is different so the best way to know that answer is to call a few local injury lawyers and discuss the fee with them.

Whether or not a case takes longer with an attorney is difficult to say. Settling a claim or preparing a lawsuit can be time consuming business. Lawyers that specialize in these things know what records are needed to prove your case and know how to go about getting them. In that way, the process may be shorter.

On the other hand, lawyers can be very meticulous and spend extra time building a complete and strong case. They may also have a heavy case load that takes their attention away from your case periodically.

In those ways, the process may be prolonged. Either way, bringing a case from intake to settlement or judgment can take anywhere from months to years, depending upon the complexity of your case.

A free consult with a local injury attorney may put these concerns of yours at ease. I hope this helps.

Disclaimer: The author of this posting is a lawyer licensed to practice law in the State of New York. This posting is intended as general information only, is not provided as legal advice in connection with any specific case, and should not be construed to create an attorney-client relationship.

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