should I try to negotiate a low settlement offer or should I still get a consult from a lawyer first?

by Laurie
(Pasadena, CA USA)

My son was just offered his 1st offer which was too low. Other party has taken responsibility and the offer was made without the full police report even completed. He was rear ended on the freeway after my son was sitting in traffic and a dead stop and this party didnt stop in time. Car was wrecked and towed away, my son ambulanced with neck pain to nearest hospital.

We took out car from yard to avoid further expenses since Im the registered owner. My son was also not able to start a new job that had been offered to him 4 days after the accident. He was seen at the hospital and then his primary with final diagnosis of neck and lumbar strain. The accident happened on Dec 11, 2015. Today is it Dec 27th, and he is still unable to drive or go about any normal activity.

He has a follow up again tomorrow with his primary and I think he may need an xray or MRI of his back. (only a neck xray was done in emergency which showed no damage). Soooo basically, it seems like this insurance adjuster just wants to hurry this out offering a low settlement and also cover him for 3 months of any medical expiring March 11th. Is this all tacit?

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