severe whiplash

on Mothers Day was headed to work sitting at a stop light waiting for it to turn green to make aleft handed turn with Right foot on the brake and was hit at 45mph at least as the kid was not paying attention was still groggy from drinking the night before. He admitted to full fault in the rear ending but not am dealing with his insurance company who is taking for ever to settle as I just want to move on from this chapter in my life. I doctored for five months til my body started to hold the adjustments seeing the chiropractor 35 times, in the ER once right after the accident and then for a full body massage to get the muscles to relax to allow recovery to begin. The impact of the accident was hard enough that it bent the rear axle in my van as well as the bumper and later the transmission started to slip which the insurance told me that they would not cover and my mechanic suggested trading it off as it would be a very expensive repair on our own. We were almost done with car payments when this accident took place and are now started over with them for another five years.

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