Settlement for injury/can injury be added

I was in an accident 2 months ago , I was a passenger the driver rear ended another car due to the other driver jumping in front of us an making a complete stop as we were exiting interstate , due to his excuse he almost missed his exit ,he apologized .

I suffered a sprain shoulder after going to ER the same day , it bothers my shoulder to where my bra strap on that shoulder so i where strapless bra, my left thumb is sorer now ,it was just aching at time of accident so i thought it would pass ,its sore in the joint an pops , they only xrayed left shoulder.

I could not afford further treatment although I was referred by the ER (on my paperwork) due to no insurance it took a month to get prescription filled (Norco/Flexril) due to lack of finances . ARE MY INJURIES WORTH ANYTHING? SHOULD I GET MY THUMB CHECKED OR IS IT TO LATE SINCE CLAIM IS IN PROCESS AS OF A WEE AGO??

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