Radial bone fracture, 1 ft long scar, permanent nerve damage
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I am a teenage boy who suffered serious personal injuries. All the girls make fun of my scars because it looks like I have 3 ugly stretch marks.

I had a radial fracture that required surgery and inserting a plate with 8 screws. My wrist was very painful so the surgeon decided to remove the plate 6 months after my surgery.

After 1 year, I had another surgery because of extreme pain and nerve damage from my previous two surgeries. The surgeon had to completely cut one of my nerves because of the pain I was having. The third surgery also required a second and third incision that would allow the doctor to go in and remove my nerve.

Then the doctor had to extend the original incision from first surgery to bury the wrist nerve. Now I will be permanently numb on the left side of arm, and doctor said even with third surgery I will have permanent damage.

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