personal pain and suffering from molestation

by sheila
(cabot, ar)

i am 47 and was molested by my stepfather, when i told my mother she chose to stay, he is 83 and still with him. i have two daughters of my own and now after years of hospitalizations, therapist, tms treatments, and now psychotherapy with possible hypnosis to help me recall and heal.

I am strong and have two strong daughters and their father (we are divorced but good friends) is a wonderful support system. so, as my father lays on his death bed, my mother still lays next to him. calling me crazy and it is all because I am now speaking about it, talking about it, he is a pretty prominent figure in the community I was once there executor and now I've been disowned . the home I live in they intentionally left my name off the decree, it's always about control...., I want to devise a settlement /demand letter to them both, It's part of my healing process

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