Personal Injury to Head - Fell Due to Broken Chair in Restaurant

by Kevin
(Winter Garden FL)

personal injury - restaurant chair broke

personal injury - restaurant chair broke

personal injury - restaurant chair broke Personal Injury Neck Brace Personal Injury Elbow Scar

I suffered my personal injuries in the outdoor terrace at a restaurant. I was sitting in a high top swivel chair which broke in 2 and sent me to concrete landing on my head.

I sustained ruptures to C3,C4,C5 and herniation to C7 discs in my neck. I also now have severe back,neck and shoulder pain. I've been to three doctors including a Neurosurgeon to verify these problems.

I also have not been sleeping well, unable to work, and unable to hold a phone to my head for more than 5 minutes before going numb.

The pain is 24/7 as are headaches. I've been to physical therapy but that hurts my neck even more.

The personal injury attorney is going after restaurant owner because this was avoidable and entirely his fault. Out of 20-24 of these chairs I was the 6th to break in his establishment.

The owner is obviously negligent and indifferent to his patrons safety. The chair manufacture is Hanamint chair manufacturer and we are suing them as well.

I was wondering if anyone had an idea of how much a settlement like this one would normally get. My concern is my medical bills are already over $15,000. Both the restaurant and manufacture have a million dollar insurance coverage

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