Personal Injury to 3 Broken Vertebrae in Motorcycle Accident

by mike
(st. louis mo)

I was coming up on a blind hill at roughly 30 mph on my motorcycle the other day. As I came over, I saw a car pulling up to a stop sign when suddenly it just kept going.

When I noticed this, I tried to stop my motorcycle but the car had pulled out too quickly and I had no time. I ended up actually getting hit on the front right side of my bike by her left front bumper.

I was then thrown into the windshield head first shattering it and in turn fracturing 3 vertebrae ( t8, t9 and t10).

After that I was then thrown about 20 more feet until I hit the ground and laid there for about 5 minutes before she got out and called 911.

I have yet to see my motorcycle and I am in a back brace for the next 6 weeks. After that i'll have to check up with the surgeon to see if i'll need pins in my spine.

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