Personal Injury: Sprained Wrist

I was in work and working boxes off a pallet. The boxes were stacked at a slant and I was walking by it and the boxes started to tip so I put my arm out to catch it so it didn't hurt anyone but I never knew how heavy they were 2 20kg boxes fell on my arm and a big bag of dog food, I went to the hospital and they told me it was badly sprained and I had bad muscle and nerve damage. I then went back to work and my hand went numb, purple, my hand swole up and my rings got stuck to my finger. I got a splint to keep my wrist still and got told to stay off work for 3 weeks, I stayed off for a week but felt that I was able to move it again and decided to go back to work but then they told me they no longer wanted me anymore after promising I could come back. I now find it very hard to use my wrist without my splint on to support it and my fingers swell up every now and again.

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