Personal Injury - Spine Out of Alignment

by Anna

I suffered a personal injury when a truck ran through a stop sign and out across the road in front of me. I could not stop in time and my car ran into the side of the pick-up. The crash sent both of us spinning to a stop.

The other driver was 100% at fault and their car insurance has accepted fault. They totalled my car at $6500 (that was about what I owed on it).

I had a very sore back and a constant headache that would not go away. I ended up going to a chiropractor who took X-rays. My spine in my lower back was twisted almost sideways, and the vertebrae in my neck had straightend out and stretched forward, instead of the c shaped curve back that they should form. That was the cause of the headache.

The treatment plan included me going to the doctor 3 times a week for a month and a half and twice a week for another month and a half. I was constantly sore from the chiropractic adjustments and the head ache stayed with me for a month.

One of the huge inconveniences was that I live about 40 miles from where I work and where my doctor is. I carpool to and from work, so I ended up having to find rides to the doctor and then waiting, usually around an hour for my husband to be able to pick me up (an 80 mile trip out of his way.)

We had a really great loan on our car that was wrecked. But once we paid that off with the settlement for the totalled car, we were unable to get such great terms again on a new loan. The car we purchased as a replacement is therefore older than the one that was wrecked--I feel we lost some value there.

My question is, do these things get considered in the final settlement? The insurance company of the other driver has already paid out for the totalled car, and they have agreed to reimburse my insurance company for my chiropractic bills...but they've offered me only $1,000 for my inconvenience. Not to mention I had children in the car at the time of the accident. They were upset...but not injured.

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