Personal Injury : Soft Tissue Injury

by Candee M,
(Beaverton, OR USA)

I was in a T-bone car accident recently and suffered from whiplash injury, a bit of a bent spine and TMJ in my jaw. TMJ is now going to be apart of my life forever and I am still suffering from migraines from which I feel was due to this car accident. I still wake every other night with strong pain in one or both of my jaws due to being smashed in the face with an airbag that felt more like a brick wall.

Along with myself my husband and 5 year old child were in the vehicle as well. The fault of the accident was the other parties for running a red light and I am just not quite sure how much I should be asking for. They offered $4,000 but I feel that is not enough seeing as though I am now living with TMJ and at times cannot eat anything solid for days because of chewing which than leads to a massive head ache.

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Nov 08, 2011
Don't Accept $4,000 Settlement
by: Anonymous

Make sure you get the MRI as the previous person suggested. The insurance companies are very greedy for money and disrespectful to those injured. My friend had an MRI which shows a permanent neck injury and this is supposed to pay more than a soft tissue injury.

The insurance company made an offer of $5,000 which is nothing because his injury is known to worsen and cause other problems which mean he could end up with large medical bills in the future and this injury is causing him to not be as active as he once was. That $5,000 is an insult but I've read that an insurance company offered $2500.00 to someone but it went to trial and the verdict was $111,000. Sometimes insurance companies have to pay big for being disrespectful.

My friend has nothing to lose with $5,000 on the line, I really don't think a court would let him leave with less than $5,000. If the insurance company doesn't properly compensate the injured then we the tax payers will foot the bill if these people have to seek government assistance. The greedy insurers need to pay, not the tax payers.

Oct 14, 2011
by: ClaimsGirl

Did you discuss your TMJ symptoms with your doctor? Its important that you do so that he can document it. Its important that your doctor documents your medicaly symptomology because it creates documental proof of your injury. Also, has your doctor refer you for an MRI? The MRI should reveal what might be wrong. Have you been referred to a Dentist? The Dentist will also be able to diagnose what's wrong and make the appropriate recommendations. Its important that all this is documented early on of your claim. Who knows, he may recommend surgery. But find out how much the bodily injury limits are from the adverse insurance carrier, this can help determine how much you have to work with. To get the bodily injury limits, you may just need to fax the adjuster your initial records from one of the medical providers so that they can disclose the limits to you. Good Luck and Get Better.

Oct 05, 2011
seek counsel

I feel for you. I havent been in this predicament. Do not accept this offer. I repeat do not accept it. The best advice is to get an attorney.

I know you must hate to give then the contingency fee but its well worth it in the long run... Trust me... Future compensation as well as funds for your passengers which will be entitled to as well. Do not accept or sign anything from insurance company.

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