Personal Injury : Soft Tissue Injury

by Candee M,
(Beaverton, OR USA)

I was in a T-bone car accident recently and suffered from whiplash injury, a bit of a bent spine and TMJ in my jaw. TMJ is now going to be apart of my life forever and I am still suffering from migraines from which I feel was due to this car accident. I still wake every other night with strong pain in one or both of my jaws due to being smashed in the face with an airbag that felt more like a brick wall.

Along with myself my husband and 5 year old child were in the vehicle as well. The fault of the accident was the other parties for running a red light and I am just not quite sure how much I should be asking for. They offered $4,000 but I feel that is not enough seeing as though I am now living with TMJ and at times cannot eat anything solid for days because of chewing which than leads to a massive head ache.

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