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De-gloving of right hand palm and wrist. (Lost all skin, muscle, fat, and tissue)

by Kayla Clark


I need help deciding how much personal injury settlement amount I should get. I have around $50,000 in medical costs and loss of wages from my job since I haven't been able to work in 7 months. I have had two surgeries, a skin graft to my hand and a loosening of the scars on my hand from the skin graft. I will never be able to comfortably stretch my hand out all the way again and It will always hurt. I will have two very prominent scars due to the accident. One very large scar is covering my hand that is divided up into about 3 disfiguring scars. I will also have one on my right side waistline about 6 inches from the taking of skin graft.


My name is Kayla. I was recently in a car accident on July of 2010. I was 18 at the time. It was raining hard and my boyfriend was driving. Someone hit us and kept going. We lost control and hydroplaned, spun around and flipped about 5 times, It all happened down hill, so we landed on the hood and slid the rest of the way. My right hand was thrown outside the car and trapped under the hood while we slid.

When we stopped, people had to lift the car off of my hand. When we got to the trauma center, these were the injuries my surgeon said (keep in mind I AM right handed. All the skin, fat, tissue, and most muscles were completely de gloved from the palm and wrist of my right hand and one of my arteries is now not working.

Current Situation

It is now Jan 2011, and everything is settling down from the accident. Now we are trying to decide how much my settlement should be.

I am not doing this just to get free money, but I am only a 19 year old female, who was in a life threatening car accident and now has two embarrassing scars that I have to live with. Please help!

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De-gloving of right hand palm and wrist. (Lost all skin, muscle, fat, and tissue)

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Feb 24, 2011
by: blessed

wow and god is good i had a similair accident except i was at work on a fork lift backing out the driver which was a contractor didnt chalk the truck and put on emergency brakes as a result i was fliped and my right arm was caught between the forklift and the dock plate holing the forklift up.ive been thru three surgeries one being a skin graft my entire right forearm from wrist to my elbow is covered in a skin graft and my right leg from top to bottom thigh is scared how much is my case worth?

Jan 19, 2011
Personal Injury Advice
by: Mat

Hey Kayla,
I am sorry to hear about your personal injuries. I think the best course of action you can take is speaking with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Your injuries are so severe that it is hard to give you an exact settlement amount.

I am not a lawyer so do not take this as legal advice.

If you read how your settlements are determined using the personal injury settlements calculator , you have a rough idea of what goes in determining your final settlement.

You mentioned that your medical expenses and time lost from work was $50,000. You should plug those number into the injury calculator. In addition, you obviously experienced a lot of pain and suffering. Your young age may actually help increase the settlement because the scars can be argued to cause you embarrassment and disfigurement. If I had to take a guess I would push your pain multiplier high ( like close to 10).

Again these are rough estimations. You definitely need to speak with a lawyer in order get properly compensated. I hope that helps you. Please keep us posted of your progress and recovery. Best of luck

Jan 13, 2011
Regarding Personal Injury Settlement Amount
by: Anonymous

Sorry to hear about your car accident. But in all honesty I would hire a personal injury lawyer. They know the trick of the trade. You should try to find a reputable one in your area. If you try doing this on your own, they will screw you around. They don't play fair. I am assuming your boyfriend has insurance? Nothing personal against him but I think you should go after the insurance companies. Best of luck.
-Doug Stenda

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