Personal Injury Settlements - Damaged Vertebrae and Spinal Disc

by Reginald Joiner
(Cincinnati, Ohio/Hamilton County)

I suffered my personal injury when I was operating my girlfriend's car. I am an uninsured motorist on her auto insurance policy with Progressive Direct Insurance Company. I was in a car accident in 2009 no fault of my own.

I reinjured my back injury from an accident in 2008 that was no fault of my own. I got two medical opinions and consulted with my medical physician. After the examination he determined I had damaged vertebrae and spinal disc.

After treating me for 1 week I couldn't work or sleep because of the pain and discomfort. He declared that I was totally incapacitated and said that I should stop working until I completed physical therapy. Otherwise I would only make it worse.

I told my car insurance claims adjustor that I would need more time to recover. He refused and said I needed to see doctors who he could recommend. In addition, he told me that I wouldn't get coverage for additional treatment. So I had to stop treatments prematurely never fully recovering or returning to work - I trusted in him.

In addition, my claims adjustor requested my financial statements and other financial documents that supported my financial losses and capacity. He continued to make legal determinations as to why my documents did not apply to my car accident insurance claim. He continued to offer me $2,500 then $3,000 in his last offer for pain and suffering.

I requested proof of claims to his claims (all this is in writing). He avoided but accepted my notices and demands but never provided sufficient answers or payments or any good cause at all.

Note: they only paid $2,900 in medical pay. The policy limit was for $5,000 for uninsured motorist and offered $3,000 for pain and suffering. When my loss income and others was $28,000 and the insurance policy limit is $100,000 per person.

So I was forced to issue a lawsuit a personal injury claim in April 2011. I have been supplied them with interrogatories, oral depositions and mediation. They said they would settle but never have before each form of deposition of me.

This is all on the record. Including defense council admitting to filing for a jury trial, not subpoenaing my doctor, admitting liability, admitting that the car accident was not my fault and admitting bad faith. But they still haven't offered me a reasonable personal injury settlement yet.

They continue to stretch this out hoping that I will give up. For I am indigent at this point after four years of litigating and I lost my barbers license, clientele and not working has completely exhausted me.

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Jan 01, 2014
Personal injury lawsuit v Progressive Direct Insurance Comp.
by: Reginald

Hello mat to you who responded to my post currently the insurance comppany has offered me 12500 from 3000 for personal injury damages. The irony in this claim is i am a pro se litigant who has suffered and lost a tremendous amount things,people,money and friends which are not being even considered by the judge who continue to overlook justice vs technical points regarding my case. They are forcing me to take a plea of 12500 for personal injury settlement which i dnt accept. Upon discovery since 2011 when i filed this lawsuit i have got not one motion granted by melba marsh Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge nor have i got Any respect to my condition even with a propounderance of statements and other first hand evidence under oath by the defendants.iam sure i will never fully recover what i lost if there is no intervention by a higher power. so iam reaching out to you from a friends son play station vista because cnt afford internet at this point. if you need more info its best to email me

Aug 07, 2013
Any updates?
by: mat

Hey Reginald. I'm really sorry to hear about your car accident. Have you made any progress with your insurance claim? Have you reached a final settlement yet?

Are you working with a personal injury attorney? Have you talked with them about all the tactics the insurance company is using against you?

I hope things turn out well for you. Please keep me posted. Thanks.


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