Personal Injury Settlements
Car Accident, Rear Ended by 3 Cars

by TomD

I was sitting at a stop light while working (I drive for a living,) and I was hit 3 times by 3 cars who were behind me. The last car was at fault and the other 2 hit me as well. I had a separate worker's compensation case which has already been settled for a very small amount in my opinion.

Anyway, I received stitches above my eye (just above my eyebrow) and I have a small scar. I also sustained back and neck injuries in which I received over a year of treatment for from my chiropractor. I couldn't work for over a year and finally my lawyer said they are willing to offer a settlement...their first offer? $3500!!

My lawyer said she is going to file a lawsuit now and I am very upset because it's been 2 years already and I have been done with my doctors since October of last year. Why is this offer SO low? I was in no way at fault yet they are playing games. Not happy.

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Car Accident, Rear Ended by 3 Cars

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Jul 14, 2011
No problem TomD
by: Anonymous

Hey TomD,
Yea I figured they were just trying to bluff you to see if you were desperate. As I wrote in my negotiating accident settlement articles, never accept the first offer. The amount they offered you is ridiculous. I certainly understand your frustration that after all this time they would offer you such a low initial offer.

I am sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your lawyer so far. How much commission does the lawyer get? Typically lawyers take commission only if you accept a settlement. If you switch your lawyer, they usually forgo the commission (since they didn't get one for you yet) but they still charge for all the other legal stuff they have done so far. I am assuming you signed a contract so the details of this must be in there. Maybe there is a way for you to switch if you are really dissatisfied. It's your call. Keep me posted and best of luck.

Jul 13, 2011
Thanks Matt
by: TomD

Well I talked to her again today and she suggested that they offered such a low settlement to sort of test and see if I would take it since it's been a while and I am in need of money now. But she put in that we declined the offer so they may make another offer soon.

I'm just surprised after all this time that this is all the progress this case has made so far!

To answer your question, the insurance company has NOT denied that they were at fault, so again, that initial offer made no sense. I have lost over a year in wages, so no 3500 doesn't cover anything, not even close.

I wish I could change lawyers at this point, but I know that I would be paying double commissions, but within the same firm, my first lawyer no longer works there, so it seems I am playing "catch-up" with this new lawyer.

Jul 13, 2011
Really that low?
by: mat

Hey TomD,
Really sorry to hear about your low settlement offer. I am also surprised it is that low.

Did you get an explanation about why your offer is so low? Does the offer even cover your medical expenses, your time off of work? Did they present any evidence that you were at fault?

$3500 does sound really low from what you posted. It's good that your lawyer is filing a lawsuit because such a low offer is ridiculous.

I hope you get a fair settlement. Please keep me posted. Best of luck.


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