Personal Injury Settlement Stories, Closed Head Injury

by evette davis
(lake village, ar)

I suffered personal injuries when I was hit head on 10 months ago. I hit my head and chest on the sterring wheel. I hurt my neck, both of my legs, arms. and hands.

I went to physical therapy for 4 weeks for my neck injuries. I have bilateral carpul tunnel syndrome in both of hands. I took 2 EEG's which showed i had a closed head injury. I took an MRI and CT spine of the neck.

I had full coverage and the other driver that hit me was at fault. My two year old daughter and her father were in there as well. I haven't been to work in 10 months. I have headaches everyday and they range from about a 9 to 10 on a scale.

This is my last year of college. I will be receiving my Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology. My vehicle was totaled out and I am still been treated by my doctor and neurologists. The driver that hit me, her insurance company didn't even rent me a vehicle. They got the police report saying that she was at fault. I have to buy all my medications as well.

The driver that hit me was a dentist. I really dont no what to expect from this because these insurances companies will not pay you for your injuries. My injuries are very serious and it can relate to me having a seizure as well. I take alot of medication on a daily basis and since I had my wreck its been hard.

I can't think well, I am always frustrated, and I have a hard time concentrating on my school work and other things as well. My grades dropped and I'm still trying to get them back up. I have a cumulative 3.0 g.p.a right now. I have 5 classes left before I graduate.

My thing is, I wonder is my head going to hurt for the rest of my life. They made a settlement with my daughter and her father and it wasn't much to even discuss. They didn't get hurt. They went to the doctor just that one time. I have a lawyer and I'm hoping that everything goes well.

I just don't know what to expect from this insurance company becasue they wouldn't even rent me a vehicle. My vehicle stayed at a tower for 9 days before the insurance company called it a total lost. It's just like I didn't have insurance because I wasn't treated fairly and I don't no why.

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