Personal Injury Settlement Amount
Torn Ligament in Shoulder

by Donnie

I am curious what I should be asking for my personal injury settlements, since my medical bills all together are running at $4000 roughly to $5000. I am already getting to start negotiations with the insurance company. I was already stated to be 100% not at fault.

I slowed down on one of our busier streets in town. I had to stop behind a lady in a mini van since she stopped to let someone pull out of a parking lot for an apartment complex. I stopped 2 car lengths behind her and had my foot completely down on the brake pedal. I was sitting there waiting for her to go and was hit from behind by a small SUV ford.

We settled for the car already at 3500 and I had the following injuries: injured neck, left shoulder, lower and upper back. I went to a private doctor and he sent me to have PT and MRI on my neck. PT lasted for about 3 months or a little less. I also had to have 2 MRI's done in which nothing was shown to be wrong but I was still in serious pain. I was then referred to a specialist to a different hospital in which he discovered I have some nerve damage in my hand and also had something very weird going on with my shoulder. He used steroids to fix it and every now and again it pops or hurts.

So what should I ask for and what should I expect? I would really appreciate answers ASAP.

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Torn Ligament in Shoulder

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Mar 13, 2012
much help needed
by: beatriz villalvazo

This is more a question than a comment some guy t bone me ran a red light I had a torn ligament on my right shoulder n tore cuff so I had surgery i was off work for almost a month now my attorney telling me I'm only getting 4,000 which I don't think its fair all that pain n suffering I went thru what should I do I need help !!!!!! So despred ....

Jan 24, 2011
Personal Injury Settlement Process
by: Mat

Hey Donnie,
Sorry to hear about your accident and injuries. Here is what I would recommend as you move forward with your insurance claim. I am not a lawyer and this is NOT to be taken as legal advice.

Step 1:
You said you wanted to know how much is your claim worth. To begin, you should read over the
personal injury settlements calculator article. That article outlines the basic process and the factors that go into determining your final cost. It will give you a rough estimate of what your settlement should be.

For example, you said your medical bills were in the range of $4,000 - $5,0000. You also said you had some nerve damage in your hand. This is a really serious injury and could result in long term damage. Based on that, I would increase the "pain and suffering multiplier" that is described in the article high ( between 5 - 10).

Other factors would be included in too, like your age, your line of work ( maybe you're an artist or carpenter who can't work due to the injuries etc). My rough guess would be somewhere between $20,000 - $30,0000.

Step 2:
Read over the articles in the site. Specifically outlining the

Personal Injury Settlements Process

Writing a Demand Letter
Negotiating Auto Accident Claim Settlements.

By reading these articles, you will educated on what goes into determining your insurance settlement and which things you should focus on.

Step 3:
Consult with a personal injury lawyer. I understand people are hesitant on getting a lawyer because they are expensive. However, for cases that involve the type of injuries you have described, it really would be worth it. You can start or on your own and see what the insurance companies would pay you. Once you know that number, go to a lawyer and get a free consultation. You can always bring in a personal injury lawyer later. You can try to negotiate with the lawyer and say their commission will be based on how much additional money they can get you.

For example, let's assume the insurance company will pay you $20,000. You go to a personal injury lawyer and say they will get a commission on anything higher than $20,000. Otherwise you don't need them. Makes sense?

I hope everything goes well with your case. Keep us posted on the claims process goes and when you receive a final settlement. Good luck.

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