Personal Injury Insurance Claim
Not Getting Enough Money

I suffered my personal injuries when I was driving down the road when a woman pulled out from a parking lot and hit me. She was given a ticket and I have permanet scars on my chin and arm with a damaged shoulder that needs surgery.

Her insurance company has assumed liability but my attorney said they will only pay my present medical bills. I will have to pay for the surgery myself and his legal fees will have to come out of that money.

Also the medical bills have hit my credit report and he said there is no money for disfigurement and no money for pain and suffering. Now he won't return my calls and his office refuses to set up an appoinment for me to come in and speak to him in person. What do I do?

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Not Getting Enough Money

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Dec 02, 2011
Personal Injury Insurance Claim Advice
by: mat

Hey there,
First off I want to say I'm sorry about your car accident and personal injuries. I hope the surgery helps improve your shoulder.

I am not a personal injury lawyer so this is NOT legal advice. Here is what I think:

You said the insurance company assumes liability, the other driver got a ticket, and you have a permanent scar and a shoulder injury that will require surgery. Given all that I don't understand why the insurance company will not pay for your surgery and offer you a higher settlement.

You're lawyer said there is no money for disfigurement and pain and suffering? Are you kidding me? That' s just ridiculous. That's exactly what your insurance claim should focus on. The amount of pain and suffering you experience and will continue to experience as a result of your injuries.

The first issue comes down to understanding how much your insurance claim is potentially worth. Read the personal injury claim calculator to understand this process.

The next step difficult step is showing liability, but it looks you showed that.

Then you have to show that your injuries are serious. Which it sounds like you can given that you have a permanent scar and the fact that you need surgery. So you're injuries will have a long term impact on your life.

The last difficult part is negotiating your insurance claim. This is the most challenging part because insurance companies don't want to pay you money, even if you deserve it. It also depends on the personal injury attorney you have. They have to be skilled negotiators and unfortunately not all of them are.

There are probably a lot of details that I do not know about your case so please understand I cannot give you real specific advice. Here is what I would suggest:

1) Go through my site and really UNDERSTAND what goes into determining your insurance claim. That way you can at least have an idea of what your claim should be worth.

You can then ask more intelligent questions from your lawyer. Definitely ask more questions from your lawyer. You hired him and its his job to explain to you why you are not getting more money.

2) If you are not satisfied with the amount you are getting, don't accept it. The biggest mistake people make is they accept an initial low settlement which is way below what they deserve. Don't be pressured to accept an offer you think is low.

3) Use the free insurance claim review to get a free consultation from an attorney in your area. It wouldn't hurt to see what other options you might have.

Like I said, I am not a lawyer nor do I know all the details about your case. But those are some suggestions that can help. Best of luck and keep me posted. Good luck

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