Personal Injury Insurance Claim
Left Wrist Tear in Tendon

by Paige

I suffered my personal injuries on August 31st 2011. I was stopped at a red light in my new car (not even a year old) when I was hit from behind by an SUV (the other person was talking/texting on phone) . I have had my car in the shop 3 times. The first time was to fix the original trunk damage. The next time was to re-fix the trunk because it wasn't properly in place and sealed.

The first time it turned cold was driving to work. My windows were frosted and I turned on my defrosters only to find out the condensation was on the inside of my car windows, dripping all over my interior. I took the car back to fix the seal. Now my trunk will not open with the key. Only with the trunk release from the drivers door, so it needs to go back again.

I feel like my new car will never be the same and I don't have the confidence in it anymore. When I was hit, I twisted my left wrist, now am in constant pain when turning my wrist (driving, typing at work, or washing and combing hair) it throbs like a toothache. I need to have an MRI, may require surgery, NOT FAIR. Nothing happened to her or her car and she was the negligent one.

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Left Wrist Tear in Tendon

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Nov 19, 2011
Get Better
by: mat

Hey Paige,
I'm really sorry to hear about your car accident. I know it's really unfair that you are suffering because of someone else's mistakes. I hope you feel better and recover from your injuries. Please keep me posted.

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