Personal Injury from Car Accident on 4/9/2010

by Maria
(Reno, NV)

I was a passenger in a truck that was rearended on 4/9/2010. The car was hit hard with substantial damage to the SUV of the person that hit us and some damage to the truck we were driving.

The insurer of the person who hit us paid for the damage for my husband's truck.I had whiplash & started chiropractic treatment but did not continue due to personal situations including medical challenges such as brain hemorrhage that resulted in emergency surgery in 5/2011 and a stroke in the eye in Nov 2011.

On 5/2011 I suffered extreme pain in my feet & required special footwear to allow me to walk & in 11/2011 I suffered severe pain in my neck,shoulder, back area....the same areas where I immediately felt pain after the accident.

The insurer of the vehicle that hit us says they can only compensate for the 2010 pains. I went to an orthopedic doctor on 3/7/2012 that required me to have 3 MRI's on my back & who recommended physical therapy which I am doing 4x a week.

I have only a short time to accept or negotiate for a better settlement. The statute of limitations for accepting the insurance offer is 4/9/2012 and I need to reply way before then.

I was offered $1537 for the chiropractic treatment in 2010 and $4000 for pain and suffering. Please let me know your thoughts on this.



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