Personal Injury: Concussion

by Michael Kyle Woodyard
(Crown City OH)

I suffered my personal injuries while driving with a friend. My friend was driving and I was a passenger behind the driver seat. The car didn't have any seat belts in the back. My friend wrecked the first time and I hit my head off the window, which is when I think I got my first concussion. Then he wrecked it again a few hours later and I was asleep when it happened. I then got a concussion and can't remember anything. I was out until being put on the helicopter.

I have head aches everyday since I've wrecked which has been 1 week. I also didn't go to work or school for a week because of the wreck. He was going really fast and hit the e brake and ran into a tree. I also got 2 cuts on my head and I haven't been able to work out or swim or do any activities because of the injury. I have a black eye and some hair loss. I think that's about it and I don't know if I got one or two concussions.

Can anybody help me out on how much money I could get if I sue? Also I've been humiliated because people are starting really bad rumors and a lot of people think bad of me now when none of it is true! Can somebody give me a estimate on how much money I can get?

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