Personal Injuries to Teenager While Driving

by Zachary
(Oviedo, Fl)

Personal Injuries from Totaled Car

Personal Injuries from Totaled Car

Personal Injuries from Totaled Car Side impact after car accident

My name is Zack. I suffered the following personal injuries: 2 Herniated discs, one cervical and one lumbar PTSD.

I was only 16 when I was driving with my mom and we were driving down Red Bug Lake road.

We were crossing over Tuskawiila Rd. and a man driving an SUV blew through a steady red light going at least 45 mph and hit us on the drivers side.

I actually saw the car and knew it was going to hit us. So of course we both braced for the impact.

Once he hit us the car spun for what felt like and eternity until we came to a stop just missing a metal pole.

The police came to the scene and ticketed the other driver for blowing the light. The driver of the SUV said he was driving his company vehicle and has a million dollar policy.

I believe he must have been distracted, probably texting because he didn't even attempt to stop. I had an MRI showing the two herniations and started physical therapy.

As a result of my injuries I had to drastically change my lifestyle. I was a senior at Lake Mary Preparatory School at the time and was involved with various different sports.

I wasn't even permitted to exercise (running or lifting weights). This was a major part of my life and caused me to become very depressed,

I had to start taking Depression medication. I will never know what I could haver done athletically (luckily I am smart and got an academic scholarship for college).

I would love to discuss the details of my case with you. Thank you

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Feb 27, 2012
Thanks for Sharing
by: mat

Hey Zack,
Thanks for sharing your story. I'm so sorry to hear about your car accident. How have you been feeling? Have your injuries improved?

As much as I would like to help, I don't think I am qualified to answer questions about your specific case. I am not a personal injury attorney. So I am not able to provide you with any legal advice.

If you do need to speak to an attorney, you can speak with one for free by filling out one of the forms on my site.

That's great to hear you got a scholarship to college. Keep up the great work. Stay in touch and keep me posted of your progress. Thanks.

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