Personal Injuries Suffered in Motorcycle Accident

by Bud
(Stafford VA)

I was in a horrible motorcycle accident where I suffered several personal injuries such as broken rib, punctured lung, herniated disc, 6 inflamed spinal nerves, severe scarring, concussion, hip bursitis, and my whole body bruised.

My accident occurred when a batterda truck pulled out in front of me and I t-boned into his passenger side at 50 mph.

After doing jumping-jacks down the road for 100 feet I was med-evacuated from the local hospital to the best trauma center in the state.

I stayed there for a little while to make sure I didn't need surgery on my lung where it had been punctured by my broken rib. Luckily it was never needed but it was very hard to breathe for several weeks.

My skin had been nearly rubbed to the bone on both shoulders, all my knuckles, my knees, and forearms.

One of the most painful experiences was in the hospital where the nurses were trying to clean the 'road' out of my open wounds. Morphine was not doing the job.

It wasn't until two weeks later that I started to get up and walk around and noticed my leg and back really hurt.

At first they thought my back was causing my leg problem, but turns out I had ruptured my bursa on my hip and my tendon was rubbing against my bone. Again, rather painful experience on a daily basis.

My back hurt so much that if my spine wasn't completely straight then I was wincing in horrid pain.

After getting 12 epidurals to try and relieve the pressure and inflammation in my spine, I was given the 'okay' by my doctor to try the newer procedure called radio frequency ablation. I HIGHLY recommend this. After they burned out a couple of nerve endings in my spine, ALL of the pain went away.

So now I am just left with some scars and a faint pain in my hip where every once in a while my tendon gets rubbed the wrong way. I'm still an avid rider and didn't even wait a month after my wreck before I got a new Harley.

Lesson to be learned though: always wear your leathers. Back pain hurts, but flesh ripped away from all over your body hurts just a little bit more!

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