Personal Injuries Pain and Suffering
Torn Rotator Cuff with surgery

by Dave

I suffered my personal injuries from an automobile accident that resulted in a torn rotator cuff with some neck and back pain. I have also experienced pressure migraines on my left side, where the neck and shoulder pain is located. The accident happened in March 2010 and my pain became more painful as time went by. I tried holding off hoping an injection in my shoulder would help but I had to have surgery in November 2010 because pain and mobility limited my use of my shoulder.

After surgery I had difficulty complying with physical therapy because I drove a stick shift and could not drive and the insurance company would not give me a rental. I made 3 of 10 therapy visits because of lack of transportation, so my therapist discharged me due to no-compliance but yet it says on my papers because of transportation. I found a new place to go for therapy but by that time I was ok to drive so therapy was a major setback. I've also been seeing a psychologist for anxiety issues with driving. I experience panic attacks as a driver and passenger.

My Medical Bills to date are around $20,000.00. Vehicle Damage $900.00 and Vehicle Rental $800.00.

Other Factors that play a role in my accident.

See, I was in a no fault accident about 10 years ago which resulted in the death of the other driver and I retired on disability due to the accident. I still to this day receive treatment for this accident, medically and emotionally. I developed fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, severe insomnia, depression, P.T.S.D and anxiety as a result of the past accident and the recent accident has made me feel even worse and brought back a lot of vivid memories.

This recent accident recreated those memories I have been fighting to get rid of for 10 years and I have nightmares and sleep issues. I recently had to stop physical therapy because of pain and received another injection, I have to wait another three weeks to restart therapy.

Even though I am not remotely close to settling with the insurance company, I have been looking at settlement calculators. Most have a selection for lost wages, even though I do not work, because I can't what do I put in this selection, if anything. Also hearing what I am going through, what I went through and what this accident sparked, what would be a fair offer to start with as a settlement. I do not want to involve an attorney unless absolutely necessary.

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