Personal Injuries
Neck Injury and Whiplash

by Darin White
(Norman ok)

I suffered my personal injuries when I was stopped at a redlight. I had leaned forward to change the radio station when the next thing I remember is being thrown forward and then backward. I had heard a loud pop in my neck. I have had to have 2 neck surgeries. I now have 3 plates in front of my neck and 2 metal rods on the back and the big muscle on the back of my neck is now permenatly split like a banana. I now live with constant pain and muscle spasms and cannot lift anything heavier than 25 pounds with my left arm.

I was hit by a drunk driver that didn't even hit his brakes at all. My car stopped him. I no longer have full range of motion in my neck and I can't even hold my grandson unless im sitting down. I have to say this is the worst thing that has ever happed to me. It has also nearly cost me my marriage twice. Sincerly Darin White

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