Personal Injuries in my lower back, shoulder, neck, arm and hand

by douglas

I am experiencing sharp pain and suffering in my left leg, arm and hand, upper back from the left side of body which i never had before. My shoulders have a sort of thumping type of pain and soreness. My right hand is experiencing some numbness and I have a generally stiff sore aching feeling all over my body.

I have had x-rays done and no broken bones were found. Just some scar tissue from earlier arthritis. I was taking pain medication prior to accident due to lower back problems but now I take them more often. Since the accident I have been experiencing mild headaches and nausea which i have experienced before. Now I also have difficulty sleeping throughout the night.

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Nov 14, 2010
correction from intial post
by: douglas

correction i have not expereinced any nuasea or headaches prio to the accident . but now i do i just noticed my initial posting . probably have to consult my family dr and mayb get an mri or cat if this continues i hope nothing is serious i got to much goin on now work school etc

Nov 13, 2010
Feel Better and Suggestion
by: Mat

Hey Douglas,
It sounds like you are experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort. Have the doctors recommended anything for you? Also, If these symptoms are the result of a car accident then you might want to document how your feeling. This could help you later on if you decide on pursuing a personal injury settlement amount from the insurance companies. Hope you feel better.

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